Siemens & NTAR (National Training Academy for Rail)

“We are really pleased to be working with PAULEY – they have demonstrated intuition and innovation in developing and delivering an interactive and immersive training experience, which adds greatly to how NTAR will bring alive its training. PAULEY’s technology is about transforming training into a solution that is far superior to what can be achieved in the classroom – a unique learning experience. When people tried the new material and Oculus Rift for the first time, it was a jaw-dropping experience.”

Simon Rennie, General Manager, NTAR (National Training Academy for Rail)

The brand new £7 million National Training Academy for Rail (NTAR) is a joint venture between the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering (NSARE) and Siemens. The Academy was keen to develop high quality, immersive learning solutions that that will make it an international Centre of Excellence for UK rail training.

NTAR asked us to transform existing content into dynamic training courses, which would be truly compulsive, engaging and cutting-edge. Designed to be fun and memorable, we developed a wide range of interactive material to be delivered on a combination of screen-based devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and 90-inch touchscreens. Some courses create virtual reality environments using the Oculus Rift VR headset – a first for the UK rail industry.

The resources we’ve developed for NTAR won gold in the Innovation in Learning category at The Learning Awards 2016. The high level of interactivity in our courses turns highly technical and complex processes into understandable and immersive learning solutions, driving higher course test results thanks to greater memorability and engagement. And trains can stay on the rails, where they are most needed.

Eurostar International Ltd

“We found the team at PAULEY to be helpful and understanding of our requirements; our vision of a 3D interactive training and assessment programme was brought to life by Phil and his team. Phil’s team took our ideas and challenged the boundaries, offering ideas and solutions to this initiative, delivering a programme that surpassed our expectations on time and in budget. We at Eurostar Engineering look forward to expanding our programme with PAULEY”

Chris Thompson, Engineering Training Manager, Eurostar International Ltd

Health and safety forms a huge part of the day to day running of Eurostar operations. Their engineering base in London employs NVQ level apprentices and a crew of experienced staff for technical support and maintenance. Every member of staff is required to undergo regular training sessions to ensure they maintain the skills required for the job. Training has always been run on site using a real train. This process can be costly, and tricky, as training has to take place on power cars that are currently in service, and are required on short notice to return to service.

Collaborating with Eurostar, PAULEY looked to find innovative ways around these common training problems. We developed time and cost-effective learning solutions to include an accurate, interactive 3D model of a Eurostar train power car & associate components. Having 24/7 access to this digital (individual and group) training and assessment program offers a Competency Management System that new and experienced engineering staff have warmly welcomed and enjoy using to acquire, retain and refresh their knowledge.

Eurostar is now able to re-train staff more cost-effectively, saving Eurostar time and money, while eliminating challenging operational issues. Through active participation, employees are able to refresh their knowledge at any time on a range of safety-critical assessments that have increased confidence and streamlined efficiencies.


Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and the team at PAULEY fit perfectly with our ethos. On the rare occasions we use external consultants, they have to be at the top of their field. PAULEY’s outstanding record for creative conceptual design is evident in the work they produce for us.

Graig Jeffery, Group Digital Innovation Manager, JCB

JCB like to stay one step ahead of the game and plan to create an incredibly modern working environment for their office staff. They wanted to be able to visualise highly futuristic ‘Command Centre’ and ‘Office of the Future’ concepts, which needed to be realistic by using technology that is either currently available or would be available within 5 to 10 years. Therefore, it was essential that the concepts were grounded in real-world technology.

PAULEY created a series of finely rendered visualisations of these concepts, which were fleshed out using in-house innovations and conceptual designs. Embedded in the bespoke images are ideas for touchscreen technology, such as wraparound screens, desktop displays and interactive furniture. The concepts included visualisations of how the touchscreen software may operate to give directors and managers instant real-time feedback on sales and performance.

By visualising verbal concepts in an inspiring and site-realistic form, JCB are now better able to discuss concepts and future developments in-house, and to get buy-in from key stakeholders for such high-cost projects. Once built, the offices will offer an inspiring space for both management and staff, and will encourage creativity within the innovation teams at JCB.

Signalling Solutions Ltd

“Railtex feedback was very positive. Everyone who came to the stand said ours was by far the best; this feedback was not only direct to us but also relayed to us from other parties. All in all it was very well received, it certainly promoted the brand and systems in the intended way and reinforced our message of being cutting edge, innovative and hi-tech. Excellent job!”

Gary Lewis, Product Business Manager, Signalling Solutions (an Alstom and Balfour Beatty company)

Signalling Solutions were looking for a memorable and engaging stand design that would push the boundaries of traditional displays within their industry. They wanted their visitors to be able to experience an immersive ‘Minority Report’-type experience that would make their display stand out from the crowd.

PAULEY created an exhibition stand concept and visualisation for Signalling Solutions. The exhibition stand consists of central meeting areas surrounded by short throw projectors that are designed to project video, multimedia and adverts onto glass panels containing transparent interactive touchscreen technology. The panels enabled visitors to interact with the brand through active participation. We created the stand design, printed graphics and all interactive graphics seen on the screens, which was successfully brought to life at Railtex.

The stand created a stunning futuristic environment for the visitor from every angle, offering them a fully immersive and engaging experience of Signalling Solutions train control systems. The overall impact of the stand successfully attracted visitors during the show, creating more potential leads for the client.

TATA Group

“PAULEY are fast, responsive and innovative. Their ability to visualise new concepts has been invaluable in breaking new ground.”

Dr Jurek Tolloczko, Business Manager for Defence & Security, Tata Group

TATA Projects approached us to provide multimedia presentations and immersive promotional solutions for a range of defence and security products and services.

We provided a range of visuals for a detainee safe house at The Hague incorporating interactive room layouts and photo-realistic digitalisation. We also provide PAS68 security solutions for vehicle mitigation security systems and have entered into exclusivity discussions on any defence and security design innovations we produce.

TATA Projects are now able to visually communicate their capability in the global security and defence arena as well as leading development in the field.

University of Oxford

“PAULEY’s no nonsense approach made what initially seemed like a difficult challenge appear almost effortless. Their unique blend of creativity and design skills led them to create a custom website for us that met the demands of the project in no time at all! In short, they were a complete pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Dr M.McCulloch, Dr D.Howey and Dr D.Kavanagh, EPSRC “Developing FUTURE Vehicles”, University of Oxford

The project teams required a central hub to access all information on the project. FUTURE Vehicles approached us to become their ongoing partner, charged with maintaining all media work.

We created a website – a central hub, that all involved in the project could access – incorporating immersive multimedia and interactive imagery. The hub allowed documents to be uploaded and accessed by others as well as allowing for the sharing of all project updates for ongoing, active participation.

The site facilitated three levels of engagement: Between scholars and the public, scholars to scholars and facilitated connections between members of the public. It allowed for the dissemination of information surrounding the project to all involved. As a result, FUTURE Vehicles was also given a strong digital brand identity, creating a competitive digital footprint.

AWH (Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH)

“This innovative sales tool has been rolled out across the company worldwide with great success. Our sales team particularly enjoy the user interface, which is both accessible and intuitive. The interactivity and responsive visualisations mean that potential customers can see immediately how our products will operate and behave in their circumstances giving them both context and confidence in the selections made by the sales team”

James Simmonds, Product Manager Cleaning Technology, AWH (Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH)

AWH provide advanced tank-cleaning products for the industrial food sector, however this is often hard to demonstrate to potential new clients.

Using advanced gaming and physics engine technology, PAULEY created a bespoke interactive simulator and selection tool designed to show AWH’s products in action in a way that’s fun, memorable and engaging.

The finished software package empowers staff with deeper knowledge and provides an engaging customer facing tool for use in meetings. It also includes a system for displaying immersive promotional solutions at exhibitions and on touch-screen kiosks.

C Dugard Ltd

“Working with PAULEY has been brilliant for us at Dugard – they do everything they say they will and it always comes in on time. If there’s something we want but don’t know how it will work we just tell them what our idea is and they always come up with a solution.”

Shona Campbell, Marketing, C Dugard Ltd

In order to promote their machines effectively, Dugard need to tap into the future of sales techniques. Standard video and photography is no longer a viable option in an increasingly competitive market place. Moving heavy industrial equipment is becoming increasingly expensive and challenging and new engaging techniques were required to help with sales demonstrations.

PAULEY offered a full 3D modelling service to create immersive solutions that would offer a valuable resource for the company’s sales force and a virtual training facility. The company also took full advantage of our bespoke digital services. We provided new interactive e-brochures and engaging imagery, including 360 models and video post-production.

Using their new, immersive promotional solutions, Dugard have been able to engage their prospects much more quickly than they would otherwise have been able to, reducing sales pipelines and making it easier to give demonstrations on the fly. The solutions have also helped to promote Dugard as a forward-thinking company able to empower new technology to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Murata Power Solutions

“Trying to set a new technology standard is never an easy task in electronics. The animation created by PAULEY helped us to put the technology and its benefits into context and perspective for our target audience. Along with digitally generated stills, the animation attracted an unprecedented amount of media coverage and customer exposure for us. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

Paul Campbell, Marketing Communications Manager, Murata Power Solutions

Murata Power Solutions (MPS) contacted PAULEY in search of animated promotional material, interactive 3D models and client engagement solutions. With items as small as 1mm across, we had to find new ways of modelling and engaging clients.

We worked collaboratively with MPS to showcase the benefits of the company’s latest electronic components using bespoke 3D animations, motion graphics and interactive PDFs. We incorporated product design into the video to highlight the size benefits of Murata’s components, along with its distinct approach to development.

The result was attention-grabbing multimedia assets that help to reinforce the Murata’s message to its global client base. Once again, the range of products and solutions communicated Murata’s benefits in an innovative way and enforced a message of their commitment to leading edge technology.

Aquos Yachts

“Phil’s team at PAULEY is focused on delivering high quality, dynamic and visually impactful productions. Each project is undertaken with refreshing enthusiasm and a ‘can-do’ attitude. It’s a pleasure to work with a team sharing a commitment to creative excellence”

Rob Chappelhow, Director, Aquos Yachts

Aquos Yachts’ latest project, the 50 million pound 45-metre Big Fish super-yacht, had returned from a trip to Antarctica and the company was keen to highlight the success of the project to potential customers. The second challenge was to document the amazing story of its adventure so far from design concept to circumnavigation, to multi-award winning accreditations with immersive promotional solutions.

PAULEY created a dynamic video presentation of the company’s trip to Antarctica to drive active participation – giving customers an enjoyable way to see the yacht in action and offer them a taste of the excitement of a trip on board. The collaboration with Aquos Yachts for their Big Fish Antarctica video was followed by the production of an overview video, highlighting the story and in celebration of the yacht’s first year of life.

The bespoke Antarctica video is now used on their website and has generated significant interest in the company and brand and has helped to generate extensive charter contracts. The first birthday circumnavigation video was used for a special celebration with the boat’s original production engineers and as the foundation for the company’s sales and marketing campaigns.

Somerset House

“PAULEY interpreted our brief and met all our expectations on time and on budget. They worked alongside us to determine the feasibility of our requirements, and effortlessly interpret what was achievable with the available budget. The new website has given us another method of communicating and streamlining key information to our clients which has saved the Trust considerable time. We would happily recommend PAULEY services.”

Greg van Duin, Operations Manager, Somerset House

For Public Visitors: Inside the building is a complex maze of corridors and rooms, all confusingly connected by staircases and lifts. Visitors continually had problems finding their way round which meant staff were constantly having to direct lost newcomers. For Tenants: Somerset House has a creative business hub of tenants. Their induction process was run using a paper-based system which was costly and difficult to manage. For Management: Somerset House has a range of meeting rooms and exhibition spaces that can be booked and required an efficient system for processing enquiries and bookings.

We produced a bespoke, interactive 3D layout of the 6-storey, three wing floor-plan for Somerset House to be incorporated into their existing website. The new facility includes an online induction process for tenants, staff Health & Safety interactive training, meeting booking processes and a whole range of facilities management and event attraction services.

The result has been a huge success. The solution has enabled both cost and time savings for staff and tenants, as well as enabling the public to actively engage with this fantastic heritage site. The staff induction programme is now online and can be submitted digitally when completed, saving on the costs of printing tenant packs.


“PAULEY produced an online interactive tour for us and have been an invaluable and cost effective resource. They are always prepared to act with speed when the need arises, are professional and considerate, and their ideas are limitless, fresh and exciting.”

Sara Mills, Marketing & Communications Manager, Savills UK

The company’s Milton Keynes branch needed a time and cost effective way of visualising the city’s Theatre District for sales and public engagement opportunities.

PAULEY produced a bespoke 3D interactive walk-through of the empty property, giving potential buyers an opportunity to explore the property from the comfort of their offices and homes. We also produced an interactive map of the site for visitors, along them a quick and easy way to find venues on the site.

With the added value of these immersive promotional solutions, Savills were able to reach out to a larger potential customer base, helping sell the property in a shorter timeframe. Visitors to the site now use the online interactive map regularly.

David Horn Communications (DHC)

“PAULEY produced a bespoke E-Training system that has been sent out to police and government agencies around the world. It paid for itself within the first few months, reduced overheads and increased profitability and has proven incredibly successful thus satisfying our overriding objectives and initial requirements very effectively indeed.”

Graham Frost, Director, David Horn Communications Limited

The company identified that too much staff time was being taken up travelling to deliver live tuition on equipment, rather than investing time in business development. DHC were therefore looking for a new eLearning solution that was automated, interactive and future-proofed.

PAULEY created a bespoke multimedia training solution giving details of how basic equipment should be operated. This included a video introduction, 3D animation models and audio instructions in the form of a voiceover.

The presentation has now been used for training around the world and has brought time and cost savings for the client.

The Vulcan to the Sky Trust

“PAULEY worked on our brief for a high level consultation document and almost instinctively developed a concept that improved and clarified our proposition. They understood not only the need for high quality design input but also the need to engage with senior decision makers. It is also refreshing to deal with an agency who have a commitment to good old fashioned customer service and who bring a ‘can do attitude’ to all their work even on tight deadlines.”

Michael Trotter, Business Development Director, The Vulcan to the Sky Trust

Vulcan to the Sky Trust required an Initial Consultation Document for their Vulcan Engineering Education and Experience Centre to include a wide range of architectural and engagement visualisations. The challenge centres on communicating this new message through multimedia channels to their global fan base through active participation.

We created a bespoke introductory brochure for the proposed educational experience that included visualisations of how the centre might look including architectural designs, interactive engagement, visitor attractions and a multimedia communications strategy.

The new centre will inspire and educate a new generation of British Engineers. Since working on the initial project, we have also helped the Trust to design and create immersive promotional materials for their Vulcan Club members. The Trust has received unprecedented support from the public and key stake holders for Ve3.

London Eye Hospital Pharma

“We needed to find a way of making our product really stand out from the crowd at its launch, and PAULEY delivered. The finished interactivity grabbed attention with its innovative appeal, making this the busiest stand at the exhibition and the best launch we’ve ever had. PAULEY’s work surpassed our expectations.”

Rob Hill, CEO, London Eye Hospital Pharma

The London Eye Hospital’s new lenses designed to counteract the effects of age-related macular degeneration – iolAMD – were launched this year at a major European conference. They wanted to be able to explain how the lenses functioned inside the eye quickly and easily.

By using 3D modelling and advanced games engines, we developed a suite of animations and bespoke interactive content for the launch. A responsive website, 360° interactive models, surgery animations and visualisations of the advanced optics all explain how the lenses work and what makes it so unique.

Combined with a transparent touch screen solution, the resulting exhibition stand generated a huge amount of interest and created a real buzz at the conference by encouraging active participation.

Icon Display

“Wow, absolutely stunning, I wish you could have seen my face! I loved the finished result, very, very well done – as said – stunning! Wooooooooowwwwwwwooooooooooooooooo!! Fantastic!”

Andrew Alford, Project Director, Icon Display

The company was having difficulty showing customers exactly what its branded environments would look like in a real-time environment. One example was when ICON were looking at designing graphics for the 2010 Champions League Final. They needed to be able to show UEFA officials how its designs would look if they were on display at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid without relying on their client using their imaginations.

After collaborating on a solution, we modelled stadiums in 3D from photographs and created fly-through videos and interactive walkthroughs to show what leading sports grounds around the world would look like with a series of different artwork displays. With the UEFA designs, we produced fun, memorable and engaging multimedia visuals of the stadium, including 3D graphics and audio, to show how ICON’s designs would look if they were selected.

These immersive promotional solutions added a whole new dimension to ICON’s pitching techniques, enabling their clients to clearly see the proposed visual impact of their work.